I believe flexibility is the best trait to have as a photographer. Being able to capture high quality images in any situation without hesitation is in my view, the key to producing striking images of moments that would normally be missed. Having the ability to collect moments in time is what I thrive on in my creative field. I feel that the tendency for many of us to live a more disposable lifestyle in current times emphasizes the importance of preserving the ‘now’ more than ever, especially when it is possible to do so in such vivid detail.

I have a strong creative background as a musician and recording engineer which contrasts very nicely with the predominantly visual medium of photography and film making. I feel that drawing on creative ideas from both fields tends to influence my work in a very positive way.

I’m based in the UK at the moment, however have aspirations to travel the world as much as possible in the coming years, carrying a camera and audio recorder everywhere I go of course.  I’m always interested to work on new and exciting projects, so please get in touch if you have fresh ideas flying around!